Yes, We Can

YES, WE CAN         Áno, my môžeme
is a civic organization
whose goal is to bring people to realize own value, prosperity and at the same time shared responsibility and moral duty to contribute to alleviation of economic, social and spiritual poverty in Slovakia and all countries in the world. To raise public interest in targeted humanitarian and development aid, and subsequently organize and ensure this help, also in the form of revenue redistribution of donated items sale.
Activities of our civic organization YES, WE CAN are mainly focused on humanitarian and development aid to people  in need in Slovakia and other countries, mainly in Kazakhstan, by concentrating of financial resources, organizing various events, promotion of volunteering and voluntary aid and actual sending of volunteers as well as professionals to these countries.

Civic organization YES, WE CAN began as a response to an actual need to help not only in this country. We plan to expand our scope of help in the future to other countries as well.

The text of the YES, WE CAN Constitution is here.



We started to organize a collection of things in the Dutch town of Assen and Friesland, and not only in Slovakia. Ruud Wiersema who has already helped us in the past with the things collections is helping us in these collections again.


These collected things are sent to Slovakia and prepared for sale to Solidar warehouse where people in social need or below poverty line can buy these things for a tiny fee and in special cases are given these for free. The aim of the warehouse is to help people in need and it is a non-for-profit action.


People in the Netherlands who would like to help us and donate some things may contact Ruud Wiersema +31610673136.